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Design Aspects That Make IQAir’s Health Pro Purifiers The Best In The Market

Design Aspects That Make IQAir’s Health Pro Purifiers The Best In The Market

For people living in modern cities and even small towns, steeping out of their homes, exposes them to different types and levels of pollution. Sadly, this contamination is no longer restricted to our outdoor environment only as even when we are inside our homes, we rarely get to breathe fresh non-polluted air. In fact many times, the air inside our homes is more contaminated and full of odor than the air outside.

Although, we cannot control the quality of the air outside our homes, ensuring clean and fresh-smelling air inside our abodes is definitely in our hands. The best and most convenient way to achieve this objective is by investing in a good quality air purification system. Such a system not only helps in making the air clean and odor free, but also making it hygienic by removing the various allergens and pollutants that can prove harmful for our health.

IQ Air is one of the most renowned and trusted brands of air cleaners known for providing high quality appliances for keeping the indoor air fresh, clean and healthy. The HealthPros series of purifiers being offered by the brand has been receiving much praise and appreciation for its great efficiency, durability and powerful performance. Each model in the series has been proven to create a comfortable living environment within the homes by eliminating disease causing bacteria along with a wide range of pollutants and odors.

Discussed below are the various design aspects of the HealthPro series that makes these purifiers amongst the best available in the market today.

Modern Look And Appeal

The HealthPro series has been designed to have a modern look making it perfectly compatible with the décor of an urban household. The air purifiers are relatively bigger, about the size of a mini-fridge, they are have a compact structure and symmetrical shape which does make them blend with the other furniture in the room. Their light natural color also makes them perfect for use with any type of home décor.

320-Degree Air Exhaust


Unlike most other air cleaners, which have small shaft like vents to produce noisy drafts of clean air, the HealthPro air purifiers feature the trademark EvenFlow Diffuser. This is a specially designed air delivery system that ensures even flow of purified air across 320 degrees. The vents in this system are designed to have a wide desertion pattern that enables the purifiers to deliver decent quantities of clean air without creating any noise or disturbance.

Designed for 100% Health And Hygiene

100% Healthy Technology

What makes the purifiers from the HealthPro series stand apart from most other similar appliances is that they do not produce any byproducts that can harm your overall health and well being. These purifiers do not emit substances such as ions, ozone, ultrafine particles or harmful chemicals. They are built using only the latest, healthiest, and safest technology available for purifying the indoor air. This means that you no longer need to worry about the ill effects of the harmful substances that your might be inhaling with the clean air produced by your air purifier.   

Multi-Stage Filtration For Better Efficiency



The HealthPro series air purifiers are provided with multi-stage filtration systems which enhance the efficiency of the appliance even further. These filtration systems are capable of removing almost all types of pollutants and allergens presents in the air to leave the environment fresh and hygienic. The series of filters used are manufactured by IQ Air itself at its Swiss facility. The main components of the filtration system include the following

  1. Micro-Particle: This filter is designed to remove all the micro particles including dust particles, pollen, mould spores and pet dander present in the air pulled in for cleaning. This filter is generally installed at the first stage of the flirtation system.
  1. Activated Carbon Filter: The granular activated carbon adsorption layer o forms the second level of filtration and helps to remove any odors and smells present in the air.
  1. Pelleted Filter Layer: This third stage of the filtration is installed to remove any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, present in the air by using the pelletized chemisorption.
  1. HyperHEPA Filter: This is the fourth and the final stage of filtration and is effective in removing the ultrafine particles, bacteria and viruses etc present in the air.

It is advisable to check specific models for the presence of all four stages of filtration to get the best efficiency.

Efficient Performance With Minimal Noise


All the models of Health Pro series are designed for operating with minimal noise, without compromising the efficiency of the purifier in any manner. This is made possible by placing the fan motor between filters that help in reducing the noise by actually absorbing it.  In addition, the purifier is provided with a double-walled casing and rubber suspension pads that help to reduce the noise further. Moreover, the Even Flow Diffuser also reflects the noise back into the system to deliver turbulence free and smooth flowing air into the room. The filter sucks in air at the foot level to enhance the efficiency of cleaning by pulling in dust particles and airborne mites with the air.

Easy Filter Replacement 


The revolutionary o tower design of the HealthPro series makes it possible for the users to replace the filters in a simple and effortless manner. The tower snaps open and provides access to all the filters within the appliance. Users can then replace the specific filter by releasing its locking arms and sliding out the filter from its frame. Users can thus save a decent amount by not having to seek the help of professional experts to carry out this simple task.

Cost Effective Operation


One of the most important and beneficial design aspects of HealthPro series is their cost effective operation. On an average, the purifiers consume almost the same amount of electricity used by a conventional light bulb. When operating at their lowest speeds, they require only 20 watts of power, which goes up to no more than 135 watts during full speed operation. Thus you do not have to worry about large energy bills even if you use the purifier for hours on the end.

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