Features That Make IQ Air’s HealthPro Plus The World’s Best Air Purifier System

Features That Make IQ Air’s HealthPro Plus The World’s Best Air Purifier System

Over the past several years, there have been significant advances in the air purification technology, with in turn has helped in the development of more powerful and efficient purifiers. IQAir is a brand renowned for offering the best quality appliances that offer a great solution to combat the growing problem of indoor air pollution. In keeping with its commitment of providing a healthier and safer environment within homes and offices, the brand has developed the HealthPro Plus purifier that has already become a hot favorite of industry experts. The purifier, which has been termed as the mean clean machine by IQAir is a machine that goes far beyond the ordinary purifiers due to its various features discussed below.

HyperHEPA Filters For 4-Stage Filtration

One of the most talked about features of HealthPro Plus is its HyperHEPA assisted filtration system. The 4-steage filtration is not only capable of removing dust, pollen and allergen particles from the air but also VOC particles, which can prove extremely harmful for the health and well being of an individual. These VOC’s are essentially the petrochemical components emitted by home appliances in the form of gases. These particles are so fine that they cannot be absorbed by the ordinary HEPA filters.

However, the HyperHEPA filters in HealthPro Plus not only absorb these VOC particles but also keep them trapped. The HealthPro Plus is also provided with a granular activated charcoal component that helps in absorbing even the tiniest particles due to it being porous. In addition the appliance also features micro-particle filtration and the pelletized chemisorptions filtration that together help in making the air free from all types of pollutants including, dust, pet dander, pollen and allergens to viruses, bacteria, toxic fumes and gases.

Superb Noiseless Operation

HealthPro Plus comes fitted with a new edition fan for excellent noiseless operation. Despite being one of the most powerful fans to be used in a compact air purifier, it barely produces any noise. The fan has three-dimensional optimized design based on state-of-the-art aerodynamics to ensure that the energy consumed produces a greater amount of air than noise. The fan in balanced individually and uses steel ball bearings, which makes it more durable and long lasting than other fans. It is placed in a separate section to keep it isolated from the housing, which features eight shock absorbents that also help in reducing the noise.  In addition, the fan motor used is of the best quality and is placed between the filters that help in further reducing the noise by absorbing it. The double walled-casing of the air purifier also helps to minimize noise.

Trademark 3D UltraSeal

Like all other IQAir air purifiers, HealthPro Plus comes fitted with the brand’s trademark 3D UltraSeal. This patented triple sealing technology eliminates any chances of internal leakage and thus ensures that the quality of filtered air is around 99.9% pure. In the first step the filter media is completely sealed in the filter frame using a unique process. The nest phase is to ensure the filter frame and the housing is stuck together using the perfect knife-edge-in-groove sealing. Finally individual seals are placed on each housing module to make it completely airtight.  This makes the HealthPro Plus almost 100% efficient in keeping the pollutant particles trapped inside the purifier and create refreshingly clean air.

Extremely User Friendly

HealthPro Plus offers easy operability with the help of a handheld remote that boasts of a sleek design. Users can choose between 6 different fan speeds at the touch of a button and they can even set the timer using the remote control. The air purifier also features a small recess at the top where the users can place the remote control when they are not using it or the appliance. This saves them the trouble of finding the remote after having misplaced it. The appliance also comes with streamlined system controls for easy programming of automatic operation.

In order to further enhance the user friendliness of the device, HealthPro Plus is provided with four snap-on caster wheels. It also features a built-in guiding handle on the top that ensure easy maneuverability for high quality air purification in the exact area where the users need it. It is also makes rolling the air purifier into its storage space, extremely easy when it is not in use.

Energy Efficient Performance

One of the major concerns of people while using air purifiers is the high energy bills they lead to. However, with HealthPro Plus the users no longer need to worry about this aspect as the appliance is designed to offer energy efficient performance without compromising the quality or efficiency of cleaning the air. The purifier uses only 27 watts of power to run at its lowest fan speed and can dispense around 800 cubic feet of clean air every minute. HealthPro Plus also comes fitted with an intelligent filter monitor that enables the users to change the filter on the right time to cut down energy costs. The monitor predicts the filter replacement based on the actual usage of the appliance and provides the information to the users with the help of color coded lights.

HealthPro Plus has been designed to provide excellent efficiency and performance under realistic conditions. It is the perfect air purifier to get immediate results in a cost effective manner. It is amongst the few products that despite being designed for residential use, offers industrial grade efficiency. It offers a practical and long lasting solution to keep the people serious allergies, asthma or pollution, in good health inside a closed premise.

Even though the cost of investing in HealthPro Plus might seem too high initially, its excellent performance and almost 100% air purity offered by it are definitely worth the price.  Although it does boast of a great aesthetic design, it definitely matches up to all its expectation perfectly well, which is more important. IQAir HelathPro Plus is the best choice for people seeking a highly efficient and reliable air purifier that will make their home or office environment completely pollutant free and healthy for them as well as their loved ones.

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