Home Air Purifiers – An Effective Solution To The Growing Problem Of Indoor Air Pollution

Home Air Purifiers – An Effective Solution To The Growing Problem Of Indoor Air Pollution

Irrespective of the time and energy that people might spend in cleaning their homes to make it healthier and safer for living, they are not able to remove a majority of air borne pollutants and allergens. In fact, it has been often observed that the air within homes is often a lot more polluted than the air outside. This is primarily due to the confinement of the pollutants within the limited space of a home as compares to vast open spaces where are likely to disperse off more easily. In order to avoid the ill effects caused by breathing the polluted air day in day out by their loved ones, most homeowners today are willing to invest in good quality home air purifiers.

However, given the wide choice of these appliances available in the market, it often becomes difficult for the buyers to choose the best one to invest in. Discussed below are some essential qualities that buyers should seek in these devices to help them make the right choice.

Type Of Purifier

Before venturing out to buy the best purifiers for their home, users need to have a clear understanding of the type of appliance they would like to invest in. They can choose a device that can used to clean the air in a single room or one that can make the air within the entire home pollution free. They might also need to consider whether they need to invest in a fixed appliance or a portable one. Most importantly, they need to consider the price they are willing to pay for the purifier that will meet their specific needs.

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Filtration Technology Used

The type of filtration technology used in these appliances is of utmost importance. This is because the technology will determine the effectiveness of the purifier as it will be responsible for trapping the airborne pollutants, allergens and other harmful substances when the air passes through them. The best air purifiers almost always feature the HEPA filtration systems, which help in trapping more than 99% of the pollutants present in the air. Some advanced appliances also feature the HYPER HEPA filtration system which traps 99.9% pollutants besides ridding the air of harmful chemicals and foul smells.

Energy Efficiency And Cost Effectiveness

Given that a majority of these appliances run on electricity, buyers need to take into account the energy efficiency of the device they want to invest in. It is advisable to choose models having energy star ratings at it helps to brings down the overall energy costs. In addition it is equally important for the buyers to learn about the average maintenance costs of the purifiers of their choice. They should especially focus on the need and frequency of changing filters which make a major chunk of the maintenance costs. It is advisable to look for purifiers with washable filters to bring down the maintenance costs by a significant margin.

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Amount Of Noise Produced

Most users would feel irritated by an appliance that makes a constant noise no matter how small it may be and might even prefer to keep it shut. Therefore it is important for the buyers to seek information about the amount of noise produced by the appliance when it is in operation. Thankfully there are brands like IQ Air Purifier, known to manufacture devices that offer an almost noiseless operation especially at the lower speeds. Although a small buzzing can be heard when the appliance is at full speed, it is completely negligible as compared to the noise produced by the devices from other brands even at minimum speed settings. So for users, seeking a disturbance free purification system. IQ Air may prove to be the best choice.

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Emissions From Device

This is definitely an important point to consider as many appliances available in the market are known to produce harmful emissions such as ozone. Even when this gas is emitted in small quantities it can cause irritation in the lungs and in fact negate the whole idea of installing an air purifier.  In order to avoid such situations, the buyers should seek complete details of any emissions released from the appliance as a byproduct. Most manufacturers offer such details on the packaging of the unit, but in case of buyers shopping online, they might need to contact the website for this information.

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