IQ Air Health Pro Plus Air Purifier – A Perfect Choice To Ensure Absolutely Clean Indoor Air

IQ Air Health Pro Plus Air Purifier – A Perfect Choice To Ensure Absolutely Clean Indoor Air

IQAir Healthpro Plus

Over the past several years there has been a constantly growing demand for good quality air purifiers that can help combat the issue of indoor air pollution. While there are several brands of these appliances available in the market, the IQ Air purifier, is considered to offer ultimate efficiency and performance. In keeping with its commitment to offer the finest devices to the users, IQ Air has developed the Health Pro Plus air purifier, which comes with an assurance of providing absolute air cleanliness.

Discussed below are the various features, which make this appliance the ultimate choice for people seeking an efficient solution to eliminate the health risks of inhaling highly polluted indoor air.

IQAir air purifier

High Efficiency Pre-filter : The Health Pro Plus comes fitted with a high capacity and tightly pleated filter pack that is guaranteed to offer high pre-filtration efficiency. It is capable of restraining more than 90% of the dust particles present in the air to be filtered. This helps in enhancing the life and performance of the primary filters as well as the appliance as a whole. A Complete Guide To Different Types Of Filters Used In Home Air Purifiers.

High Performing HEPA Filter : The superior quality hyper HEPA filter that the appliance is provided with is capable of retaining 100 times more micro particles than a regular HEPA filter. This single feature in itself enhances the air cleaning efficiency of the air purifier quite significantly making it the right choice for getting absolutely clean and hygienic air.

Innovative Gas And Odor Filter : Among the multiple filtration layers that form a part of the Health Pro Plus, the V5 Cell is perhaps the most innovative. The filter is named so due to its V-shape and is filled with a wide spectrum of granular media capable of eliminating both gaseous contaminants and odors. This is achieved through physical absorption as well as chemical breakdown of these contaminants and without affecting the maximum airflow.


Low Noise With Maximum Room Coverage : The IQ Air Health Pro Plus air purifier, operates with lower than average noise, which is almost non- detectable at first two fan speeds. Although the appliance does produce a fairly good amount of noise at the highest fan speeds, these are generally used only for a quick cleaning of the air within an enclosed space. In addition the appliance offers maximum room coverage of up to 900 sq ft at maximum speed and 600 sq ft at medium speeds.

Easy Usage With Remote Control : The device is designed to ensure greater convenience and ease of usage for the users. This is evident from the fact that the device features advanced controls that make it possible to set timers for switching the machine off and on and also control the fan speeds. To further  enhance the ease of usage, the appliance is provided with a remote control enabling the users to change the device setting without having to walk up to the place where it is installed.


Filter Change Indicator : Health Pro Plus is provided with a filter change indicator which provides advanced warning to the users about the need to change the filters. The light works for each of the three filters and turns green when only 30% filter life is remaining. The light further changes to orange when the filter life is reduced to 20% and red when only 10% life is remaining. When the light turns a flashing red, when there filter needs to be replaced immediately although it is advisable to get the filters replaced when the light becomes orange or red.

Certified Performance And 5 Year Warranty : Every single unit of Health Pro Plus comes with certification from the quality control engineer employed by IQ Air for testing the unit’s air purifying performance at the factory itself. The certificate assures the users about the performance of the device in terms of air delivery, filter leakage, and particle filtration efficiency. In addition, the appliances are also provided with 5 year warranty against any defects in parts and labor.


Great Value For Money : Despite the relatively high cost of Health Pro Plus as compared to other air purifiers available in the market, they come with an assurance of providing the best value for money. This is because the appliances have boast of high quality and innovative design along with great performance efficiency. All these features far outweigh the high pricing of the purifier.

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