IQAir – Providing The Best Air Purifiers To Ward Off Secondary Tobacco Smoke

IQAir – Providing The Best Air Purifiers To Ward Off Secondary Tobacco Smoke

There is often a lot of hue and cry about the number of people who die to smoking each year. However, people barely seem to give a second thought to those victims who lose their life by simply inhaling the second hand tobacco smoke. Every year countless people develop a wide range of fatal diseases, including cancer, just through extensive exposure to such smoke. It is the awareness of this fact, that has led IQ Air, the most renowned and respected brand of air purifiers to develop world class appliances that help in removing the dangerous particles of secondary smoke from a closed environment and leaving it much cleaner an healthier.

What Is Secondary Tobacco Smoke?

Secondary tobacco smoke is also referred to as the environmental tobacco smoke and generally comprises of two types of smokes. The first of these is the mainstream smoke which is actually exhaled by the smoker and the second type is the side stream smoke that is emitted from the lighted end of any tobacco burning product, such as a cigarette, hookah, pipe or cigar.

What Makes Secondary Tobacco Smoke Harmful?

The secondary tobacco smoke can be extremely dangerous for people who are constantly exposed to it. This is because the smoke contains high quantities of nicotine and toxic chemicals that are inhaled unknowingly by the people in its vicinity.  In fact side stream smoke is more dangerous than mainstream smoke as it has an extremely high concentration of cancer-causing agents. In addition, it is also rich in   extremely fine particles of harmful chemicals that are absorbed by the body more easily and hence find it easier to reach the lungs and cause several harmful and even fatal diseases.

Young children are more prone to the dangerous affects of inhaling secondary tobacco smoke as compared to the adults. This often leads to frequent and severe health issues such as regular sickness, increased cases of lung and ear infections and frequent coughing, wheezing and breathlessness. In many kids, exposure to second hand tobacco smoke can lead to new cases of asthma or even trigger asthma attacks in case the child is already suffering from the disease.

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Areas Which Offer Greater Exposure To Secondhand Smoke

It is a common belief that the problem of second hand smoke is more prevalent only in public places.  This belief often results from the fact that most commercials dealing with this problem focus only on prohibiting smoking in public areas. However, people can be exposed to the risk of second hand smoking are work or even in their homes. Workplaces that allow the employees to smoke inside the premises increase the risk of their non-smoking employees becoming he victims of the disastrous effects of secondary smoke. Similarly, individuals who smoke at home put the lives of their loved ones at risk, even when they smoke in a solitary area of the house. This is because the smoke fumes spread extremely fast and enter the body of the non-smokers quite easily.

Finding The Best Solution

The perfect way to protect their families and loved ones from the ill effects of secondhand tobacco smoke would be for the smokers to quit this nasty habit. However, if this is not possible then the next best thing to do is to get an IQ Air air purifier installed at their home and office. This brand of air purifiers offers the unbeatable protection against the toxic and chemical particles that are present in secondary smoke. They are designed with the latest technology to helps absorb the smallest particles that can be even remotely dangerous for the health and well being of the users. Most importantly these purifiers are equally effective in removing both particles and gases to leave the air in a closed space completely clean, healthy and refreshed.

Benefits Offered By IQ Air Air Purifiers

IQ Air is one of the most trusted and reliable air purifier brands that have been providing high efficiency and reliable air purifiers for more than half century. People buying these air purifiers to counter the effects of secondary some also get the following benefits.

  • They can be assured of a constant supply of high quality clean and hygienic air for years together without the need to spend huge amounts money on maintenance and repair of their air purifier.
  • They can get the benefit of medical grade air right within their homes, without having to bear the stress of increased energy bills.
  • They can freely enjoy the company of their allergy prone friends and relatives, without having to worry too much about keeping the environment clean and healthy.
  • They can enjoy the benefits of reduced medical bills thanks to the gift of a healthier and disease free lifestyle provided by the IQ Air air purifier.
  • Most importantly, they can easily get rid of the invisible yet dangerous particles and chemicals that can cause serious health problems for their loved ones.

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