IQAir Healthpro Plus – Offering The Benefits Of Medical Grade Air Filtration Right Inside Homes

IQAir Healthpro Plus – Offering The Benefits Of Medical Grade Air Filtration Right Inside Homes

The benefits of inhaling pure air are quite well known, primarily the significant role that clean air plays in keeping people healthier and disease free. The awareness of this fact is one of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of high quality air purifiers. Amongst the different brands of air purifiers, IQAir holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most trusted brands that has been ensuring a healthier and longer life for its users for more than 50 years. Recently the company took the concept of clean and pollution free air insides homes, several notches ahead with the introduction of the revolutionary model, HealthPro Plus.

HealthPro Plus has raised the industry standards for home air purification by a significant margin. In addition, the appliance offers a yet to be unmatched level of performance and value for money. This air purifier has completely reformed the art and science of clean air, which is what, makes it the best all round air purifier available in the market today. Given below are the brief details of the benefits offered by IQAir HealthPro Plus, which can help the users to better justify their choice of this air purifier, in case they still need some.

Advanced Hyper HEPA Filter:  HealthPro Plus comes with a state of the art Hyper HEPA filtration system that offers nearly 100 times more particle retention than regular HEPA filters. In addition, this high-efficiency and high-capacity filter is able to trap more than 90 percent of the dust and allergens, enhancing the overall device performance to around 99.5%.

Ability To Remove Gas And Odor: HealthPro Plus comes fitted with a V5 cell gas filter, which is named so because of its V shape. This compact filters is made up of granular wide spectrum gas & odor control materials that help in removing gas and odors by both physically absorbing them and also breaking them down chemically. This process is carried out while maintaining the maximum airflow so that the users don’t experience a sense of suffocation.

Noiseless Operation: HealthPro Plus is the quietest high performing air purifier available in the market today. This makes it perfect for use in spaces where zero to minimal noise levels are preferred, including an infant nursery or the bedrooms of elderly family members. The appliance can be operated at three different fan speeds, with the first two levels creating almost zero noise. At the third level, HealthPro Plus does produce a little noise that is heard as a quiet pleasant hum in the background.

Better And Longer Lasting Filters: The presence Hyper HEPA system automatically helps to prolong the life of the filters In addition these filters are designed in such a manner that they can be replaced one at a time. This prevents the users from facing the financial crux of having to replace all the three filters at the same time and also minimizes the chances of the appliance become inoperative all of a sudden. Moreover, the filters can be changed quite easily at home by the users themselves as they are stacked up in a modular fashion. This helps the users to further save the amount they would otherwise need to spend on getting the filters changed by professionals.

Full 5 Year Warranty: IQ Air offers a full five year warranty for replacing any defective parts and labor costs for HealthPro Plus. The company manufactures every single component used in the appliance at its facility in Switzerland. This ensures ca consistently high quality of the components which are designed with great care, pride and attention to detail. Hence it is not surprising that HealthPro Plus also offers the advantage of being amongst the most durable air purifiers across the globe.

Assurance Of Quality And Performance: IQ AIR has been in the business of providing the best quality air purifiers for more than 50 years now. With such extensive expertise in providing air cleaning solutions, it is only natural that the brand name itself is synonymous with quality and efficiency. In addition every unit of HealthPro Plus is tested for its performance at the factory itself. The tests are conducted under the supervision of a quality control expert who then certifies each individual unit and this performance certificate for air delivery, filter leakage and particle filtration efficiency is enclosed in the packing of each purifier.

Extremely Easy To Use: One of the biggest advantages offered by HealthPro Plus is its user friendly operation with remote control. The users can set timer and fan speeds just at the push of a button. In addition the appliance comes fitted with a color coded light to indicate the time for changing the filter. This enables the users to replace the filters at the right time without compromising the efficiency and performance of the appliance.

Great Value For Money: HealthPro Plus offers great value for money to users seeking medical grade air quality within their home. The appliance offers extensive room coverage of about 1000 sq. ft. when operated at full speed and even at medium speed it can clean the air within an area of around 600 sq. ft. quite easily and with great efficiency.

IQ Air’s HealthPro Plus is a truly amazing air purifier that can make a huge difference in the life of the users by enhancing the quality of air they breathe inside their homes. It has been designed to offer a perfect solution for all the air cleaning woes that users face with even the best appliances in the market. Most importantly, it offers all these features and advantages without actually increasing the energy costs in a significant manner.

For people seeking a healthier and cleaner home environment, HealthPro Plus is definitely the best choice. With its ability to remove even the smallest and the most harmful particles from the air, the appliance proves extremely helpful in preventing the onset of several dangerous and even fatal ailments. As such it would not be wrong to state that HealthPro Plus is one appliance that people should install in their homes to ensure a longer, healthier and safer life of their loved ones.

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