IQAir HealthPro Series – Ensuring Healthier Air Through Unmatched Performance

IQAir HealthPro Series – Ensuring Healthier Air Through Unmatched Performance

It has been more than four decades, since the German manufacturer, IQAir produced the first residential air purifier.  Since then the brand has become synonymous with the best quality and effective performance sought in these devices. The IQ Air air purifiers have become the preferred choice for people seeking ultimate home filtration solutions. With the all new HealthPro series, the brand has raised the standards of efficiency and performance to an entirely new level.

The HealthPro series of air purifiers are not only extremely high powered but also boast of great durability and unsurpassed performance. Moreover, the purifiers offer the advantage of noiseless operation and also have inbuilt features that help in removing smells and odors as well. The high level of effectiveness and functionality provided by the purifiers in HealthPro series has made them a legend among people suffering from allergies and asthma. They are designed to provide a cleaner and healthier air in a safe and user friendly manner, even across larger spaces such as living rooms and dining rooms.

Discussed below are some performance aspects of the IQAir’s HealthPro series, which make them the world’s best air purifiers.

Better Protection Against Ultrafine Particles

Particles that are smaller than 0.1 microns form more than 90% of all the particles present in the air. These particles, including viruses are primarily produced as a result of the burning of fuels in automobiles, refineries, industrial units and even cooking processes. Given their extremely small sizes, these particles get easily absorbed by our bodies through breath and are either deposited in the lungs or integrated into the bloodstream. Inhaling large quantities of these particles can cause various health ailments including asthma, strokes, heart attack and even cancer.


Even the most advanced air purifiers offered by other brands, can filter particles that are 0.3microns or more in size. However, the HealthPro series purifiers have been certified to filter no less than 99.5% of all particles including those having a size of 0.003microns, which the smallest known particle size. The purifiers have been tested independently by both government agencies and laboratories to prove this fact, which makes them the most effective appliances to be used for protection against ultrafine particles.

Provides 41% Cleaner Air

The air purifiers from the HealthPro series are known to offer a significantly cleaner air. This is made possible by the extremely powerful fan used in the appliance that features an optimized design and state-of-the-art aerodynamics.  The excessive power of fan ensures that the energy is converted into air without any wastage and without producing much noise. In addition, the HealthPro series purifiers feature the HyperHEPA® filter pleating design, which increases the filter surface area to provide better and purification without causing much wear and tear. This in turn eliminates the need to replace the filters quite frequently, without affecting the efficiency of air purification. These factors combine to provide 41% cleaner air as compared to other purifiers available in the market.

Up to 20% more clean air


Nearly 100 Times Extra Filtration

IQAir’s HealthPro series features the revolutionary HyperHEPAfiltration system that filters even the smallest and most harmful pollutants present in the air in an effective manner. From viruses to pet dander and dust mites to air pollutants and even cigarette smoke, these state-of-the-art filters are capable of absorbing almost everything that makes the air unclean and unhealthy for breathing. The innovative design that uses nanofiber technology makes these filters capable of trapping particles that are 100 times smaller than the particles filtered by the normal air purifiers and this is proved through a series of rigorous independent tests.

Up to 100x more filtration than ordinary HEPA


Certified Performance

What makes IQAir’s HealthPro series truly stand way ahead of its competitors that it does nort merely make claims of great performance but offers certified assurance for the same. Every unit of HealthPro series is made to undergo individual testing at the brand’s manufacturing facility in Switzerland, to ensure that it meets all the stringent quality and purification standards set by the company. In order to ensure that the HyperHEPA filtration system is offering realistic results in terms of trapping ultrafine particles, it is subjected to testing by electronic laser particle counter.  Any unit not producing 99.97% cleaner air is rejected for shipping and sent back for re-construction. The individual test result for each unit of HealthPro series is shipped with it, in the form of a hand-signed Certificate of Performance, which in itself is a guarantee of the great efficiency offered by the purifier.

Certificate of Performance


Filter Life Enhanced By Upto 40%

​All the purifiers of the HealthPro series offer a far better filter life than any normal air purifier.This is made possible with the help of the innovative filter-pleating pattern design that is integrated into the IQAir’s New Edition air purifiers for home use. This is an advanced technology that not only helps in improving the airflow but also improves the particulate loading capacity of the PreMax™ pre-filter as well as the main HyperHEPA filter. This not only ensures a longer filter life but also helps to save money by reducing the frequency at which the filters need to be changed. The minimal maintenance filters are connected to a color coded indication system, which informs the users about when they need to change the filter.

HealthPro 250 HyperHEPA Filter

3 Year Warranty Period

IQAIR is renowned for its commitment to provide the best and the most efficient air purifiers in the world. The brand not only fulfills this promise with every unit of HealthPro series purifiers it places in the market, but also backs it up 100%, by offering a warranty of 3 years on them. The company offers a simple and straightforward guarantee that every single purifier from IQAir® HealthPro® Series not only meets and exceeds their assurance of quality but is also completely free from defects. If proven otherwise, the brand promises to replace the defected parts, accessories or even if the need be, the complete air purifier unit without any extra charges. This simple assurance has helped countless users to buy the world’s best air purifier in a relaxed and stress free manner and enabled them to enjoy the benefits of pure and pollutant free air for a healthy and long life.

HealthPro 250 3 Year Warranty


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