The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Wood Floor

The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Wood Floor

In addition to increasing the property value of your home owing to the durability, hardwood floors are also pleasing aesthetically and add beauty, class and elegance to your homes when cared for and maintained properly. It is important that the luster and shine on your wooden flooring be preserved well so that your house looks brand new for years to come. Compared to carpeted floors, or tiled floors, the smooth, flat surface of wooden floors make cleaning dust and debris easier especially when you use the right cleaning tools.

Using a vacuum cleaner designed to work well on wooden floors is the best option – easier and faster than traditional cleaning with a broom. The market today has multiple options for vacuum cleaners that come with tools that enable you to reach unreachable corners and crevices easily, pick up more dirt and debris, act as a wonderful sanitizer and add shine to your floor more than you expect it to. These reasons are worthy enough that you invest in a good unit for your cherished home and flooring.

What not to Buy

The first point to remember while looking up a vacuum cleaner for your wood floor is to look for a cleaner that has been designed to work in wood floors only. Quite often it so happens that you move into a new house with hardwood flooring from a carpeted house and use a dual cleaner. This could actually be harmful to your flooring. Since these machines are fitted with roller brushes (hard bristles are harmful while softer bristles are better for your wooden floor and suck up dirt better from the floor) or plastic wheels to work well on carpets, they tend to leave scratches on wooden flooring. They also tend to leave out lot of dirt and scatter them around making cleaning complicated. Also, check the head of the unit for rubber or stripe padding to avoid accidental scratching.

What to Look For

When ordering a Vacuum cleaner, look for a lightweight, easy to carry unit that has extremely good suction power and quality that ensures completely clean surface. There has been a lot of debate on whether an upright unit is better or a unit with canister. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both types, it all boils down to one’s preference in the end. A canister vacuum cleaner is convenient in a lot of ways. They are more on the lighter side and portable than upright ones and hence easier to move and carry. For larger and multiple storied home places, a canister vacuum cleaner model would be an ideal choice.

If you are looking at a versatile unit able to clean both surfaces, look for one with control settings that can be adjusted based on which floor needs to be cleaned. Dual-purpose units are fitted with options to increase or decrease suction, turn off brush rolls and have rubber wheels while working on wood to protect the surface. There are lots of options available and whatever your choice makes sure you use the one that is extremely hardwood friendly.

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