The Unique Traits of an IQAir Purifier. Hello Clean air! Goodbye allergies!


The pressures of the modern lifestyle and the polluted city environment have left our habitat impure with dust, grit, viruses and smoke.  This is the root cause of many common and chronic diseases, allergies and asthma, which can be seen predominating among people and even pets across the world. The threat of such diseases caused by breathing polluted air is not just prevalent while on the roads; it is also related to the interior of our homes and work areas. This is why IQAir, with the accreditation of the US Lung Institution has come up with air purifiers which are meant to address the issues of deteriorating air quality in our homes and offices nowadays.

IQ Air Purifier

IQAir is a trademarked technology, which is equipped and rated as one of the best technologies able to capture and filter out dust particles as small as 0.1 micron in size. This makes it effective against not just dust and grit, but also the microbes such as bacteria, fungi, pollen, and viruses which cause a plethora of respiratory diseases and allergies. This is the approximate size range of 90% of microbes that are found in the air, and denotes the filtration power of this technology on an IQAir purifier.

Buy Online IQ Air Purifier

There is a wide range of residential and commercial air purification systems from IQAir such as: HealthPro Plus, GC Multi Gas, whole-house air purifier Perfect 16 and many more series, which are widely installed in homes and offices. You can choose to install a compact room air purifier, which does not take much space in the room, and cleans the air very well. On the other hand, there are also smaller window purifiers available, which filter the air entering homes at their very source.

Buy Online IQ Air Purifier

All the air filtering models from IQAir are energy efficient and can be operated in a sustainable way, incurring the minimal energy expense. The operation of these air purifiers is easy and the instructions are displayed in four languages – Spanish, French, English and German. For movement from one place to another, guiding handles, strong and flexible castors are provided within the HealthPRo series specifically. The filters installed in the air purifiers have been enhanced to last 38% longer than the earlier models, and replacing them is an easy process as well. Thus if you are a homemaker or an office manager looking to instill clean air in your environment, Buy online IQ Air Purifier today your IQAir Purifier. Say – “Hello clean air! Goodbye allergies!”

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