5 Things That Would Make You Buy Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner Right Away

5 Things That Would Make You Buy Dyson V8 Vacuum Cleaner Right Away

“Housework can’t kill you, but why take a chance?” - Phyllis Diller


Well! Now you can take a chance and I can assure you one thing, it would definitely won’t kill you. With your new Dyson V8, cleaning would now be a fun activity rather than a humongous task we all dread.

Today I will give you a list of features, the very new Dyson V8 has to offer that will make you buy it right away.

Cord Free - Hassle Free

The foremost feature of V8 is that it is cordless and hence you can now reach the places where there is no plug to support your current vacuum cleaner. I know it sounds awesome right? It would now be easy to clean your car as you don’t need a cord that obstructs the movement of vacuum cleaners inside the car.

Light as Air

Not literally of course. But you got my point right? You can easily lift it off and clean the walls of the houses whenever you need. I promise, it won’t hurt your hand.

Powerful Motor

Please don’t go by the size. This mini bullet has a powerful motor fit inside it which provides the most powerful suction. The motor is capable of driving stiff nylon bristles deep inside the carpet pile and remove ground-in dirt as well as pet hair. Again don’t go by the size. It is equally capable of sucking up large debris and fine dust from hard floors simultaneously. The roller covered with soft nylon traps the large debris and anti static fibre filaments removes the fine dust.

Quick Transition

It can easily and quickly transform from stick to handheld mode totally changing the way you have been cleaning your whole life. The key parts that is motor and battery are positioned near the hand so that it is light and easy to lift. It is perfectly balanced to clean up high. So say goodbye to cobwebs in the easiest manner possible. You can easily remove the stick as well and hence simply clean the area which needs watchful cleaning such as sofas, stairs, desks and many more.

Hassle Free and Hygienic Dirt Ejector

Dyson has introduced a new bin emptying mechanisms that helps you to directly empties the dust into the dustbin without even touching it making the whole process so hygienic as if you have not done the cleaning at all. All this can be done in one simple step.

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