The Places Your Beloved Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Would Go

The Places Your Beloved Bissell Vacuum Cleaner Would Go

“Don’t mistake my cuteness for weakness. I will terrorize you and turn this house upside down like the tiny tornado that I am.”

Those having little kids in their houses would have immediately connected to the above quote. If you have kids then there is not even a need to ask whether your house is a mess or not because it is established it is a mess. Kids are terror and if it’s their birthday, they are on another level altogether.

Imagine you had a birthday party which means a full gang of such Kids. The party is over and now is the time to clean the house. Terrified Right? Don’t worry when your Bissell vacuum cleaner is here. Bissell vacuum parts would go to the most inaccessible parts of your house and accomplish the mission cleaning smoothly. Here is the list of places where your normal vacuum cleaner may fail to reach.


  • Roller shades - Even though they spend most of their life rolled up, they still get dusty and is more likely to be visited by spider pets. With the extension wand, dusting and clearing the dirt from the top of these shades becomes a matter of seconds.
  • Dining Room table - You can’t reach there, but your little kids can reach and so can your beloved bissell vacuum. The dining tables with grooves are the toughest to clean as the food and dust get stuck on the sides of the grooves. The crevice tool of bissell perfectly removes the grimes from the grooves.
  • Fabric Shades - The rotating brush with these vacuum cleaners works great on the fabric shades.
  • Fireplace Rocks - Fireplace rocks especially the rusty ones are very difficult or you can say impossible to dust. The surface of each rock is very rough and the mortar between is irregular. Here again the crevice tool come to the rescue and dust the rocks by removing any small loose pieces.
  • Cobwebs in the Corner - Even though the spiders are not pets, but they seem to feel quite as home.  Cobwebs are really common in the densely wooded area both inside and outside the house. Bissell vacuum cleaner is just right for such situations.
  • Welcome Mat - Anyone coming from outside is using this fellow in order to ensure that you do not have to deal with a dust storm in your home. All the dust gets collected in these mats and hence needs to be cleaned. The weight of this mat makes it very difficult to shake, but using a wand to clear out the dirt is simple.
  • Under the Couch - The couches are very heavy and hence heavy to lift. Also they are situated over a floor outlet that is finicky when disturbed. The Pet TurboEraser Tool can be used to sneak in under the couch and grab that hidden dirt.


Red Vacuums is there to make your Bissell journey easy right from buying the vacuum cleaner to buying bissell vacuum parts, to service, to Bissell vacuum repair and finally moving on with a brand new bissell.

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