Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Moving In A House With Hardwood Floor

Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Moving In A House With Hardwood Floor

If you are a proud keeper of hardwood floors, you really need to read on. This classic type of flooring can never go out of style. The sophistication attached to this flooring is unmatched and can still make people spellbound if they are taken care for properly. Moving in an apartment with hard floor leaving behind your carpeted floor and all the hassle attached to it be it removing stain or getting rid of your pet hairs stuck in it is a pleasant change.

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While moving into an apartment with hardwood floors, these are certain things you should keep into mind in order to make sure that your floors look young and shiny for a longer period of time. For everything else, there is Hardwood Floor Cleaners.

  • While moving in, you need to do a lot of shifting of furniture from here and there. Obviously, you would be hiring somebody as well to do this task and as the hardwood floor isn’t theirs, they won’t bother, what exactly is happening to your floors. In such cases, in order to protect your floor from scratches and scuffs, make sure all the furniture is lifted and moved from one place to another. Also, if it is not easy to lift the furniture, put moving pads or area rugs before dragging it from one place to another. This will protect your hardwood floors, and the feel of new floor would remain for a much longer duration than you could imagine.
  • After the shifting also, place moving pads to the furniture which is moved more often such as dining table chairs, heavy furniture as this will protect the floors from frequent possibilities of scratches.
  • So, if you own a pet, this one is really important. Trim your pet’s claws from time to time in order to protect your floors from the most obvious type of scratches. You can also get your little friend claw caps which would keep his scratchers harmless and dull.
  • Water is the real enemy of your hardwood floor. Water damage is the most permanent type of damage from where there is no going back as it spoils your hardwood floor from inside. Water causes your wood to warp. The longer it would stay on your floor, the more damaged and uneven your floor would look. In such cases, all you need to make sure is closing the windows and doors during rainy or snowy weather. Also do not enter your house with soaked shoes. Keep them outside and wear a dry pair in the house.
  • Another useful tip is to design your shoe rack somewhat outside the house so that the dirt stuck to your shoes do not enter inside the house as the sand also scratches the wood and make the flooring look uneven with time. Spiked stilettos or hard metal heels are another concern that needs to be kept in mind as they cause dents and hence make the floors uneven. Make sure you leave them at door before entering into the hardwood floor areas or place rugs at the entrance portion of your house.
  • Another important tip that could come in handy is keep rearranging your furniture as keeping your furniture at one place make the look of your hardwood floors uneven. The sunlight exposed hardwood fades slowly with time so if you do not move your furniture in timely manner, the floor would begin to look uneven and patchy. Also rearranging your furniture gives a new look and feel to your house.
  • Hardwood floor care do not demand much but a regular cleaning with a dry dust mop and occasionally with a hardwood cleaner soaked mop could go a long way in keeping the youth of the hardwood floors intact. While cleaning do not use products that could damage or break down the hardwood floors. Stay away from products like wax, ammonia, bleach, detergent or anything abrasive.

I hope, you will keep all these things in mind while moving in a house with hardwood floor. For everything else we are there as your “Friend, philosopher and guide.” So till then “Keep calm and keep your hardwood floors young forever.”

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