Important Specifications That Need To Be Considered While Comparing Vacuum Cleaners

Important Specifications That Need To Be Considered While Comparing Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way from the heavy and noisy machines that they used be just a few decades back. Modern day vacuum cleaners are not only lightweight and stylishly designed but also offer noiseless operation with better and enhanced features. At the same time, the buyers are also spoiled for choice given the vast varieties of cleaners available in the market for both residential and commercial needs. So, in order to get the best cleaner, most buyers use the tested method of comparing the features and functionality of the different cleaners.

However, this method can prove helpful only when the buyers know what features and specifications they need to compare to get a cleaner that perfectly matches their needs. Discussed below are the most important specifications to be considered while comparing cleaners of different models and brands.

Watts & Amps

Both watts and amps are related to the power consumed by the motor of the vacuum cleaner. The input power required by the cleaner to provide optimum performance is measured in watts while amps define the maximum amount of electrical current that is consumed by the appliance when it is in use. Generally, the cleaners are rated either in terms of amps or in watts and in order to make the best comparison it is necessary for the buyers to use the same unit of measurement. They can use the simple formula of amps x volts = watts, to convert one into another, where volt defines the standard voltage supplied in homes.

Airflow Of Cleaner 

Airflow is a really important specification to be considered while comparing cleaners as it is related to the cleaning ability of the appliance. It is measured in cubic feet per minute and is defined as the force with which air flows across a surface to make it clean by picking up dirt and debris. Comparing the airflow gives a fair idea of both power of the device motor as well as the resistance of the air bag and the filter fitted in the appliance. A good vacuum cleaner always offers a higher airflow.

Filtration Systems

The type of filtration system that is fitted into the appliance is also a key specification to compare. This is especially true for buyers who have pets in their home or need a cleaner that is capable of trapping pollen and allergens to create a healthy environment. Generally vacuum cleaners with better filtration systems are likely to cost more, but they also offer the advantage of a thorough cleaning by removing not only dust and debris but even pollutants and other elements that can because health issues.

Material Used

This is yet another important specification as it helps in determining the durability and life expectancy of the cleaner. Most high quality cleaners are made from strong metal to ensure that they are able to withstand the wear and tear that is expected with the regular use of these appliances. For renowned brands, the manufacturers use high grade plastic or even steel to design those parts that are likely to be used extensively and are more prone to damage, as a means of enhancing their life. 

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