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IQAir HelathPro Plus Become a Hot Favorite of Industry Experts 0

HealthPro Plus offers easy operability with the help of a handheld remote that boasts of a sleek design. Users can choose between 6 different fan speeds at the touch of a button and they can even set the timer using the remote control. The air purifier also features a small recess at the top where […]

Choose Red Vacuums For Best Bissell Vacuum Repair Service 0

For most home owners, their Bissell vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the one home appliance that they cannot do without. So, in case they face any problems with this device, it is quite natural for them to feel stressed and be bothered by the query of, “Which vacuum repair shop near me sill offer the best […]

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Best Air Purifier 0

In the time of increasing allergens in air not only outdoors but indoors too, the need for devices to make the air clean is a necessity rather than a luxury. Nowadays vacuum cleaners with Hepa Filters not only clean your floors but cleanse the air around you as well. However, the much sophisticated device for […]

What Are The Different Types Of Home Air Purifiers And How You Should Select The Best One? 0

The fact that home environments are becoming increasingly polluted and unfit for healthy living is quite well known. This has naturally led to an increase in the demand for devices that help in removing the various pollutants from the air and making it clean and hygienic. Home air purifiers are the most popular of such […]

IQAir’s HealthPro® Plus – An Inside Look 0

IQAir’s amazing IQAir HealthPro Plus (HealthPro 250 outside North America) is the world’s #1 rated air purifier. It’s astonishingly powerful, yet quieter than any other high-performance air cleaner. The HealthPro Plus is proven and certified to filter a minimum of 99.5% of all airborne particles, including the smallest ultrafine particles that exist. Pollen, pet dander, […]

Is It Possible For A Vacuum Cleaner To Operate In Vacuum? 0

This is perhaps one of the most common queries made by people regarding a vacuum cleaner, especially those who are not familiar with its working. People who are aware about the operating procedure of these cleaning appliances understand the fact that they cannot be used in the absence of air. So to answer the question […]