Riccar Radiance Premium Product Review

Riccar Radiance Premium Product Review

Riccar is a well known and trusted name in the area providing credible vacuum cleaners that offer great performance. The company, driven by its passion of manufacturing world-class cleaners, is obsessed by the idea of ensuring better suction power and great airflow in its appliances. Delivering the company’s promise of unsurpassed cleaning is the Riccar Premium Radiance RADP cleaner, which is categorized as an exclusive Tandem Air Upright vacuums offered by the brand.

The RADP is a high class appliance that offers the convenience of several powerful on-board tools to ensure effective cleaning across diverse surfaces. It is a deep cleaning vacuum that comes fitted with a revolutionary motor-system. There are actually two distinct motors which operate serially to ensure maximum air flow for the floor head as well as the cleaning tools. This technology, that has been named Tandem Air System by the brand, is available only in the Riccar upright vacuums sold under this category. The ample suction generated by the motors enables the appliance to thoroughly clean all the surfaces that it works on.

RADP comes fitted with various useful features that often leave the users amazed by making deep cleaning an effortless task. The most important of these is the dirt-sensing display, which is unique to this cleaner. It is connected with dirt-sensing illumination on the cleaning head to allow the users to check whether or not the embedded dirt has been successfully removed. It also comes with a set of tools that can help the users to clean the upholstery and hard to reach places in a convenient manner. The device also comes fitted with indicator lights to make the users aware of the need to change vacuum bags or even replace the filters to prevent clogging.

Riccar Premium Radiance RADP

To help the cleaner perform its task of deep cleaning perfectly, it comes fitted with LED headlights that help in ensuring that the users do not miss any dirt or dust especially in the dark areas. The vacuum also features a completely sealed HEPA filtration system that not only provides hygienic cleaning but also keeps the minutest dirt and dust particles trapped. The cleaner can trap in dust particles as small as 0.3microns in size and uses high quality vacuum bags to store the sucked up dirt and dust. It is also highly effective in removing pet hair and offers easy cleaning under low profile areas such as sofas and beds. It is an extremely simple appliance to use and offers noiseless operation in addition to a trendy and elegant design.

The appliance also has some disadvantages the most prominent of these being its hefty price tag.  It is also not one of those machines that are easy to put together, but once assembled, operating it is extremely simple. Another major drawback of this device is its heavy weight, which makes somewhat less portable and hampers its easy maneuverability. However, given the various features that the appliance has to offer, most users tend to overlook these shortcomings, especially since the device also comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Overall the appliance proves to be a good investment that helps in keeping the homes and offices of the users hygienically clean.

People living in and around North Virginia can buy this cleaner from Red Vacuums, the authorized dealer for the brand located in Vienna. They can also get original filters and vacuum bags for their appliance from here in addition to getting the facility of having these replaced. People can get answers to their queries about this and other vacuum devices from the store. Red Vacuums is a trusted name in the region that offers high quality vacuuming devices from renowned brands including Riccar. It also provides repair and service facilities for most vacuum brands at a affordable price and in a timely manner.

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